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These LAM Webisodes are short video clips featuring interviews with four LAM patients, a General Practitioner, a Research Scientist and the Trust's Director, which are designed to enhance information and understanding about LAM.

Click on the thumbnail to view each video clip. If you'd like to view the video in full screen, click on the arrows at the bottom right of each clip.

Imeleta MaddoxImeleta Maddox, mother of two from West Auckland, tells her story of diagnosis in 2005 and living with LAM. Lisa WyethLisa Wyeth, from Invercargill, talks about her diagnosis in 1994 and tells her dramatic story about her double lung transplant.


#1 Diagnosis: 2005 #2 Living with LAM   #1 Diagnosis: 1994 #2 Lung Transplant: 2004 #3 Living with New Lungs

Lisa GrayLisa Gray, an Auckland lawyer, talks about her diagnosis in 1997 and living a relatively normal life with LAM. Jess van SlootenJess van Slooten, of Christchurch, talks about her diagnosis in 2008, the impact of rapamycin and her extraordinary challenge to beat LAM.  


#1 Diagnosis: 1997 #2 Living with LAM   #1: Diagnosis: 2008 #2 Jess vs LAM  

Christine ForsterDr Christine Forster, GP, talks about the GP's role in diagnosis and treatment of a LAM patient. Bronwyn GrayBronwyn Gray describes the impact of her daughter Lisa's diagnosis and the NZ LAM Trust's efforts to help find a cure.  


#1 A Family Doctor's Role #2 Diagnosing LAM   #1 Finding Out About LAM #2 Taking Action on LAM #3 Treatment & Research

Christine ForsterProfessor Mervyn Merrilees, of Auckland University's Medical School, describes international research efforts to solve LAM.  


#1 Understanding LAM #2 Solving LAM        


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